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How to apply Erasmus+ KA1 grant for educational staff


1. STEP:

School must register first to get PIC code. Without code you can not fill application.

You can start making a code from here: . Follow instructions. Start from external.

There are instructions in youtube how to make ECAS


School or institute will apply, not a single teacher! NOTE: -applying course (not teching in foreign country or job shadowing) mandate, eduKarjala PIC code or invitation letter is not needed in most of the countries. 

Course provider is NOT a partner, in most of countries. But if your NA really wants that we are partner, eduKarjala PIC is  945545040. 

- application time starts in January 2015, probably.

You will need a distance calculator for your application. Here it is! 

Short Instructions about how to fill the application form

(made by Esa Räty, eduKarjala, they are unofficial)

- School makes only one application for all staff for 1-2 years. 

- If you are coming to course between July 2015-June 2017, your school must make 24 months project.  For all staff headteacher must do everything by once!

- Maximum points from application is 100. In some countries you will need more than 95 points to get the grant. So, be patient and careful with your application form. Aim is to show to evaluators, how you are going to develope your school pedagogically. Not just an education trip to Finland.

- More about KA1 mobility and also KA2 you can read from guide:

Your national agency can also help, because it is up to it if you are accepted. Their adresses you will find from here:  

There are plenty of information also at our facebook