PISA - Finnish and European education systems

Analysing PISA results and Finnish and European education systems



Place: Joensuu, Finland

Sessions, (they are similar, you can choose best one for you). Make pre-registration from this link!

Working language: English

Session 3/2017: 08.10-12.10 2017 (450 €) ! Free places!

Session 2018: 8.7-12.7 2018 (480 €) Free places!
(30€ discount/participant if your group is 5 or more)

session 1/2019 19.1-23.1 2019 (480 €) FREE PLACES!
(30€ discount/participant, if your group is 5 or more)

SESSION 2/2019 16.7-20.7 2019 (480 €) FREE PLACES!
(30€ discount/participant if your group is 5 or more)

Session 1/2020 1.2.-5.2 2020 (480 €) FREE PLACES! (30 € discount/participant if your group is 5 or more


Confirmed= There are minimum 12 final registrations already. Normally coming summer/winter sessions are confirmed latest after KA1 results come in May.

PISA WEEK - aims and outcomes:

PISA tests are made in every OECD countries and some others about their level in education, specially in mathematics, natural science and mother tongue. Results of Finland has been in top of the world many years and it is still the second best country in Europe (Estonia is number 1 in Europe 2016) and one of the bests in a world.

Latest PISA tests were made in 2015 and published 6th December 2016.

During eduKarjala PISA week you will learn how Finnish education system works and we will also compare and find the best sides of other European and Asian educations systems, including your own.

After training week participants will know about Finnish and European education systems, teacher training, special support, curriculum and school buildings and co-operation with parents and stake holders.

Participants can also develope their professional English level and learn about other European educations systems. They will also get new teacher collegues from all over the Europe and they can start thinking example a new project together.

Themes of education week:

- PISA and OECD - Can we trust this survay?

- Comparing education systems of participants

- Finnish education system - why one of the bests in PISA in Europe year after year? Case South Korea and Singapore as examples

- Curriculum and teacher training in Finland and in participant countries

- Pedagogy in mathematics in Finland - how to develope your teaching

- Teaching special needs children

- Pedagogy of gifted children

- How to avoid dropouts

- School buildings and school organizations in participant countries and in Finland

- Culture and learning environments in a future schools

- Learning motivating methods of new generation

Course fee in 2017 450€, in 2018 and 2019 480 €. Course fee does not include meals or accomodation. Course fee must be paid four weeks before course to bank account or with later instructions.

Accomodation 2017 in Sokos hotel Kimmel:

We have a group reservation net room rates with Sokos hotel Kimmel (hotel is high international level).

In July/August/October 2017 room rate is 69 euros/night/room, double room 84 euros/night/room, room for three 109€/room/night including breakfast, sauna, swimming pool, wifi. Hotel Kimmel website. You can also use other hotels if you want. If you want superior room, you pay 30 € extra.

It may be possible to obtain a European Union Erasmus+ (formerly Comenius) grant (K1, learning mobillity of individuals) to cover course fee, travelling and accomodation costs! Next closing date for Erasmus+ applications is in February 2018 (education starting earliest June 2018), and teachers will need the application of their headteacher in doing this.

More information is available from our website and from your national Erasmus+ agency. So, you can book your place before making application to Erasmus+ and when you get decision let us now if you are really coming.

This course is very popular! Show your interest making a pre-registration from this link!

Schedule of five days: (can change, depending also about the season)


1st day (10:00 AM-)

Let's get together Europe! Guided walk to course place from hotel (if course is not in hotel). Getting to know each others, course providers and city of Joensuu and Finland. Finnish education system. Participant presentations of their own school systems.

2nd day

Workshops about Finnish curriculum, teacher training, mathematic pedagogy. Every pupil is important - special support in Finland.

3rd day

Deeper with PISA. General results and tests used by OECD. Conversations and group analysing about level of education. Gifted children, meaning of good counceling.

4th day

Trip to countryside and KOLI national park. Finnish nature and culture and their meaning for education.

Evening: Finnish cultural evening with barbeque, sauna, music and lake Saimaa.

5th day (09:00-13:00)

Future of Education. What kind of education do we need in Europe in a future? Skills or knowledge? Closing ceremonies and certificates. ( official part is over about 13:00 o'clock.).