Every pupil is important – special education in Finland and in Europe!

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SESSION 1/2023 15.4.-19.04. 2023, COURSE 420 €

special.jpgFinland is the country with high level inclusive education inside classrooms and about special support for children in every level.

In this country of ice and snow, aurora borealis and midnight sun, co-operation with school, health care experts and families is in very high level.

Every pupil is important in Finland and there about 99,9 % of pupils will get the certificate of basic education, so dropout rate is nearly zero!

Primary and subject teachers work together with other support staff (psykologists, social workers, assistants, families, medical persons, etc.). With help of this safety network we help everyone to be part of society later. Also disadvantage pupil have a right to learn and get a good future!

Course aims:

Aims are to find out how special education, specially inclusion works in Finland and in other participant countries. Aim is also to see how this works in Finnish schools and what kind of support systems and pedagogical ways are used.

On aim is to change knowledge among participants and participant countries and develop professional educational English language of participants. Important aim is also understand how Finnish education system works for all children, not just with the most talented ones.

During this course participants will learn how to work in classroom with special needs children. Example how to help children with dyslexia to get good learning outcomes in normal classroom. So, during this course normal teachers/ special teachers will learn new thing to help children to learn more.

Thematic field of the training:

* education system

* inclusion in classrooms

* disadvantages

* dyslexia

* special education in primary and secondary level

* early support

* how to use assistants in classrooms

* dropouts

* normal teacher - special teacher co-operation

Education sector of the training participants:

- preprimary, primary, general secondary, upper secondary, vocational, support persons, special training centers

Target audience: normal teachers, headteachers/principles, teacher-trainers, Councilors/elected members, special teachers, vocational teachers

Languages used for the training: English

Place: Joensuu, Finland (can be reached from Helsinki by airplane, train or by buss), Course address: Papinkatu 3, 80110 Joensuu.

Course fee: Course fee must fully paid no later than four weeks before the start of the course or with later instructions. Course fee includes education, trips and visits, transportation during course week (if needed), coffee/tea breaks, certificates, one cultural evening with dinner.

Erasmus+ possibilities: It may be possible to obtain a European Union Erasmus+ grant (K1, learning mobillity of individuals) to cover course fee, travelling and accomodation costs! The next closing date for Erasmus+ applications is 23rd February 2022 (education starting earliest June 2022), and teachers will need the application of their headteacher in doing this.

Accomodation possibility 2022: check also our travelling website.

Sokos hotel Kimmel hotel locates opposite to main railway and bus stations in Joensuu and also busses to Joensuu airport has a bus stop next to it.

Of course you are free to choose other kind of accomodation (hostels, other hotels or airbnb) if you want. example ISLO Finhostel, rooms are with small kitchen. Also hotel Green star is popular, www.greenstar.fi. Also Lietsu and Scandic hotel Joensuu are very near and very good ones.

More information about process is available from your national agency. So, you can pre-book your place from this link before making application to Erasmus+ office and when you get positive decision let us now if you are really coming.

Draft programme of the training activities (day by day):

The programme has an experimential approach. A lot of visits to schools and talking with staff and teachers and head teachers. In July sessions school visits are not possible.

Every pupil is important – special education in Finland:

Day nro 1: (starting 10.00 AM)

- Welcome to Joensuu. Finnish education system, education in Joensuu. Joensuu as a city of education. Finland as a country and its results in PISA. Presentations of participants. Finnish special education system overview.

Day nro 2:

- Lessons and workshops about special support and inclusion in education.Dyslexia and how to help them. Evening learning session about lake Saimaa, sauna and Finnish culture.

Day nro 3:

- Day in Finnish school with Finnish teachers and pupils and discussion about inclusion in education. -Extra programme, visit to reindeer and Husky farm

Day nro 4:

- Outdoor education event in KOLI natural park.

Day nro 5:

- School psychologists and social workers in Finnish education system, conclusions of the course, last presentations, certificates and feedback.

(Officially course is over 1.00 PM)