eduKarjala teacher training courses 2021-2023:

The oldest bedrock in Europe! Koli national park locates near our course place (Joensuu) in Finland.

You can find 13 different course weeks from our catalogue. Our course session calender you find from this link!

Course list 2021-2023: Joensuu, Finland, Playa de las Americas, Spain and Corfu, Greece. Click course name for details. If not mentioned, courses will take place in Joensuu, Finland.

Digital tools: Make your distance teaching alive!

Every pupil is important - special education in Finland

Flipped and game based learning

Healthy teachers - healthy school: Joensuu (Finland), Playa de las Americas, Teneriffe (Spain), Corfu (Greece), Guadeloupe (Caribbean France)

Here we are! - Intensive spoken English

How we avoid dropouts in school - the way of Finland

Modern school leadership Joensuu (Finland), Playa de las Americas, Teneriffe(Spain), Corfu (Greece), Guadeloupe (Caribbean France)

New learning environments

Out from classroom

PISA - Finnish and European education systems

Sustainability education - How can we save our planet Earth together?

Power of entrepreneurship education!