Digital tools: Make your distance teaching alive!

1/2023: 7th-11th January 2023 (420 €) Finland - confirmed!

2/2023: 7th-11th October 2023 (420 €) Finland

Next deadline to fill KA1 application form is in February 2023.

Distance teaching is a key word in modern world. Not just because COVID-19, but also other kind of situations, amount of distance learning and distance teaching is expanding.

Pedagigically, distance teaching can be excellent way to learn. But if teacher knows only few ways to make it, it can be boring and not motivate pupils.

This course week will teach you many different softwares (mainly free) and systems, how to make a good distance teaching lessons. Our experts will give you free possibilities to shine with your students!These are the skills you will need more and more in everyday life!

Course fee: 420 €/participant
Course aims and learning outcomes: After this 5 days course, participant can make many different kind of distance lessons for pupils or students, using computer, tablet or cell phone or using outdoor activities.

Thematic field of the training:

* Distance teaching softwares

* Distance teaching pedagogy

* Making a good distance teaching lesson plan

* Modern technology and webtools (ICT)

* Outdoor pedagogy and outdoor softwares

Education sector of the training participants:

- Pre-primary, Primary, General Secondary, Upper secondary, Vocational, University

Target audience: kindergarten teachers, pre-school teachers, primary teachers, secondary teachers, headteachers/principles, teacher-trainers, Councilors/elected members, architects, ensigneers, politicians

Languages used for the training: English

Place: Joensuu, Finland (can be reached from Helsinki by airplane, train or by bus)

Programme of the training activities (day by day):

1st DAY (starting 10.00 AM) Programme of the week, getting to know each other, Finnish education system, education systems and KA1 projects of participants, participant aims, first softwares

2nd DAY Learning to use different distance teaching softwares. Practicing yours skills. Outdoor evening activities with sauna and lake Saimaa

3rd DAY Modern ICT based learning environments. Apps for primary and secondary education and new ideas how to use modern technology. Outdoor mobile gaming.

4th DAY Trip to KOLI national park, broadcasting lesson from nature, learn how to use drone copters. Last evening together

5th DAY What is pedagogically good distance lesson? Conversations, last good softwares, certificates. Officially training is over 1 PM.