Welcome to Finland! This is one of our most popular courses and there will be participants from all over the Europe and other partner countries.


2nd-7th July 2023 (six days, course fee 500 €)

If you want add one more extra course day with light programme, course fee is 80€/extra day. If you take only five days, course fee is 420 €.

School dropout rate in Finland is really low in basic education. About 99,6 % of Finnish pupils will go through the basic compulsory education starting their school in age of 7.

Schools work together with social and health care services to handle bad situations for pupils (devorse, vioalance, drugs, unsocial behavior, crimes). In Finland we have also created many new methods how to prevent and handle bullying in schools.

It may be possible to obtain a European Union Erasmus+ (formerly Comenius) grant (K1, learning mobillity of individuals) to cover course fee, travelling and accomodation costs!

Next closing date for Erasmus+ applications is 23rd February 2022. More information is available from your national agency or from eduKarjala website.

So, you can pre-book your place from this link before making application to Erasmus+ office and when you get positive decision let us now if you are really coming.


In Joensuu everything is near if you live in city center. Good hotels near course place are example Sokos hotel Vaakuna, Scandic hotel Joensuu and hotel Lietsu.Also hotel Green star near is popular, www.greenstar.fiOpposite course place you can find ISLO finhostel, rooms are with small kitchen. In Joensuu there are also very good airbnb apartments. Our co-operation hotel near railway station is Sokos hotel Kimmel.

Course fee 500 € must fully pay no later than three days before the start to bank or here in the first course day. Pre-registration is free! If you do not get the grant, you do not have to pay.

After course week participants:
know how Finnish education system works, and how "safety network" works in Finnish schools and co-operation with social services.

In Finland, every single pupil is important. Participants will also learn what
flexible ways there are to complete basic education even with hard difficulties (drugs, violance, alcohol, broken families etc). Also Finnish way of operating with refugees. Participant will also learn how in Finnish school we prevent bullying and handle it with pupil and families.

Participant will learn to understand why in Finland we actually do not
have drop outs and all young can continue to next school (upper secondary or vocational training) when they are 16 years.

Participant will learn also about from each others and the ways how they do this work in their countries. Participants will also have possibility to practice their professional English in field of education and social services.

Thematic field of the training:

* Finnish and European education system and ways to support drop out kids

* Co-operation with social services

* Prevent and handle bullying, KIVA-school programme made for it

* Special support for families and children in bad situations

* Employment services and ways to get in the schools

* Vocational education ways to avoid drop outs

* Safety network, unsocial behavior, crimes

* Immigrants, refugees

* Parents awareness

* Prevent early school leaving

* Co-operation with police and social sector

Education sector of the training participants:

- preprimary, primary, general secondary, upper secondary, vocational,
administratitive staff

Target audience: NORMAL teachers, headteachers/principles, teacher-trainers, Councilors/elected members, specia teachers, vocational teachers, curators, psychologists, experts, politicians,voluntary workers

Languages used for the training: English

Place: Joensuu, Finland (can be reached from Helsinki by
airplane, train or by bus)

Programme of the training activities (day by day):

The programme has an experiential approach. A lot of talking with staff, experts and teachers and head teachers.

Day number 1: (starting 18:00 o´clock) - Welcome to Joensuu. Finnish education system, education in Joensuu. Joensuu as a city of education. Finland as a country and its results in PISA. Special education in country of participants. Getting to know city of Joensuu.

Day nro 2: -Early support, special teaching in kindergartens, preschools and schools

integration and inclusion. Different ways to support early school leaving. Voluntary activities, we let you know it. Depends about the weather.

Day nro 3: -Co-operation with social services. How to avoid drop outs together with other public services (unemployment office etc.). Refugees and immigrants as clients.

Day nro 4: -Presentations of participant projects. Ideas for you and your schools. KIVA school programme for bullying.

Day nro 5: -Visiting at countryside and national park of Koli. Cultural trip and visiting countryside school. Light barbeque with open fire (includes to course fee)

Day nro. 6: (starting 9:00 AM, closing latest 13:00 o´clock)

Making international relationships - project ideas together. Course evaluation, certificates, good bye.

Officially course is over 1.00 PM