Group contact person makes the first final registration. Then he/she can share the link, that every participant can make their own final registration. Or contact person can register all in same time.

Remember the VAT registration number (owner of your school) If you want to change session or the course, it is also possible. You are also free to make final registration without pre-registration if you want (it means that you have a grant).

After you send your final registration, you will get confirmation e-mail shortly. You will also get some instructions that you will need (bank account numbers, etc...) to do before trip or information what to take with you. We always contact you latest one month before course start.

Normally all our courses take place! Confirmed= there are already 12 final registrations (minimum), but we can still take more. It is very important you make final registration, that makes the "confirmed" possible.

We let you know when there are enough final confirmations. Dates are not changing (if not mentioned). Normally summer courses are confirmed latest in May, when KA1 results arrive.

If course will not take place, you do not pay. We inform you all the time! Full=course is full. We always mail you, when you can buy your airplane tickets.


Every pupil is important - Special education in Finland and in Europe, 1/2018 5th-9th May 2018 confirmed!

Get up with natural sciences 2018, 15th May - 19th May 2018 confirmed!

How we avoid dropouts in schools - the way of Finland 2018 3rd July-8th July 2018 (six days, you can also take five days if you have grant for five days only) confirmed!

New learning environments - What kind of schools should we build in a future 1/2018 3rd-7th July 2018 confirmed!

Out from classroom! 2018, 3rd-7th July 2018 confirmed!

PISA - Finnish and European education systems 2018, 8th-12th July 2018 confirmed!

School management 2/2018 17th-21st July 2018 confirmed!

Healthy teachers - healthy school 2/2018, 29th July-2nd August 2018 (Joensuu, Finland)

Here we are! - Intensive spoken English 2018, 29th July - 2nd August 2018 (Joensuu, Finland)

Power of entrepreneurship! 2018, 2.9.-6.9. 2018

Every pupil is important - Special education in Finland and in Europe 2/2018, 7th-11th October 2018 confirmed!