- eduKarjala was founded 2013 by Mr. Esa Räty
- Address: Virsutie 2, 80710 Lehmo, Finland
- Esa Räty has experience about international co-operation and teacher training from year 2003. Programmes Comenius and Arion (Study visits) and Erasmus+.
- Visitors during year 2018 from 25 different countries
- Company has one full-time worker and 13 part-time experts. We build courses with University of Eastern Finland, local schools, local authorities and experts. We have very large network of experts.
- We follow our quality plan and every participant will make course evaluation after course week. High quality and satisfied customers are our major aims.
- eduKarjala OID-code is E10049443 and PIC-code is 945545040.
- eduKarjala international VAT code is FI25982098
- We give Europass mobility document (if wanted) and also a normal course certificate after every course session.
- Company is specialized in Erasmus+ KA1 courses for education staff

- We also give consulting services around the world about education

Mr Esa Räty

  1. Born 1971
  2. Married with Piia, six children. Four boys, two girls. The oldest was born 1995, the youngest 2005
  3. Education: MA, University of Joensuu, 1997. Main subject: World history. Other subjects, Finnish history, pedagogical studies, philosophy, economics, social policy
  4. International principal, education 2001-2002
  5. Special diploma in leadership 2003-2004
  6. Chairman of the student council in student union of Joensuu university, 1996
  7. Working career: 1996-1998 history teacher, 1998-1999 principal of adult education centre, 1999-2004 director of education in municipality of Ristiina, 2004-2015 principal in upper secondary school of Niinivaara, Joensuu. From August 2015- principal of Yhteiskoulu upper secondary school, Joensuu.
  8. Owner of eduKarjala training and consulting company from 2013-
  9. Hobbies: Golf, walking, skiing, fishing, hunting, childrens´hobbies, ice hockey announcer, gardening, snow shoe walking