- eduKarjala was founded 2013 by Mr. Esa Räty
- Address: Virsutie 2, 80710 Lehmo, Finland
- Esa Räty has experience about international co-operation and teacher training from year 2003. Programmes Comenius and Arion (Study visits) and Erasmus+.
- Visitors during year 2019 from 27 different countries
- Company has one full-time worker and 13 part-time experts. We build courses with University of Eastern Finland, local schools, local authorities and experts. We have very large network of experts.
- We follow our quality plan and every participant will make course evaluation after course week. High quality and satisfied customers are our major aims.
- eduKarjala OID-code is E10049443 and PIC-code is 945545040.
- eduKarjala international VAT code is FI25982098
- We give Europass mobility document (if wanted) and also a normal course certificate after every course session.
- Company is specialized in Erasmus+ KA1 courses for education staff

- We also give consulting services around the world about education

Mr Esa Räty

  1. Born 1971
  2. Education: MA, University of Joensuu, 1997. Main subject: World history. Other subjects, Finnish history, pedagogical studies, philosophy, economics, social policy
  3. International principal, education 2001-2002
  4. Special diploma in leadership 2003-2004
  5. Chairman of the student council in student union of Joensuu university, 1996
  6. Working career: 1996-1998 history teacher, 1998-1999 principal of adult education centre, 1999-2004 director of education in municipality of Ristiina, 2004-2015 principal in upper secondary school of Niinivaara, Joensuu. From August 2015- principal of Yhteiskoulu upper secondary school, Joensuu.
  7. Owner of eduKarjala training and consulting company from 2013-
  8. Hobbies: Golf, walking, skiing, fishing, hunting, childrens´hobbies, ice hockey announcer, gardening, snow shoe walking