Healthy teachers - healthy school!

Course sessions, all sessions are identical: in Joensuu (Finland), Playa de las Americas (Spain), Corfu city (Greece) and Point-á-Pitre Guadeloupe (Caribbian France)

1/2023 4.2.-8.2. 2023, Saint-François, Guadeloupe (Caribbean), France, 420 €

2/2023 06.03.-10.03. 2023, Playa de las Americas, Teneriffe, Spain, 420 €

3/2023 23.07.-27.07. 2023, Corfu city , Greece, 420 €

1/2024 03.02.-07.02. 2024, Saint-François, Guadeloupe (Caribbean), France 420 €

2/2024 02.03.-06.03. 2024, Playa de las Americas, Teneriffe, Spain, 420 €

2/2024 13.07.-17.07. 2024, Corfu city, Greece, 420 €

Course language: English

Themes: Right nutrition, active life, school curriculum development, school-sport club co-operation, active breaks, school food, active games in schools, healthy teachers, mental coaching, avoiding stress, working motivation

Target groups: primary teachers, secondary
teachers, vocational teachers, principals, school staff, local school
politicians, curriculum developers.

Aims of the course: Develope whole school (teachers, pupils, students, staff) to think healthier. During a course teachers will learn new ways to take care of own condition and develope also new ideas to classroom and lessons. You will also get ideas how to get more energy to work as teacher, avoid stress and how to motivate you to achieve better results with children.

Healthy teachers - healthy school! makes possible to to build easy Erasmus+ KA1 project about healthy and sports activities! Plan one or two years project about healthier school for you and your pupils or students!

In five days you will learn new things about nutrition, importance of sports, new ways to move, tips for weight watching, mental coaching. Our aim is to give your school a new start for better and more active way of life and give you some tips for your school!

If teacher is active - school and your classroom will also be more energic! And also, if your condition is not the best or you need new motivation, this course might be for your school! You do not have to be a sport teacher to take part!

Course fee includes education, certificates, coffee/tea breaks, trips and visits, transportation during course week, one cultural evening with barbeque dinner (not meals or accomodation).

Course places:

-Joensuu, Finland (can be reached from Helsinki by airplane (JOE), train or by buss).

- Play de las Americas, Teneriffe, Spain (Nearest airport is Tenerife South, TFS). Travelling rules to Spain during COVID-19 season you find from here!

- Erasmus+ KA1 deadline for schools is 23rd February 2022. Check our instruction from our WEBSITE

- Corfu city, Greece (Nearest airport is Corfu international airport, CFU)

- Saint-François, Guadeloupe, France (Caribbean sea) Airport Pointe-à-Pitre (PTP)

IN FINLAND: Theoretical parts of the course week will take place in Joensuun yhteiskoulun lukio school, address Papinkatu 3, 80110 Joensuu.


Draft schedule of the course week, changes are possible:

DAY 1: Welcome! Introduction of course week, course provider,
coach and staff, ice breaker, presentations of participants, personal

DAY 2: Sport activity, curriculum work, participant group works, sustainable education

DAY 3: Sport activity, lessons about good nutrition and school food, development projects

DAY 4: Sport activity, cultural trip to Finnish countryside/Teide mountain in Spain/ round trip in Corfu/Guadeloupe, lesson about school-sport club co-operation possibilities

DAY 5: Lessons, course conclusions, certificates. Last evening party together (voluntary).