Here we are! - intensive spoken english!

This course is meant for non-native English speakers with a need to develop their spoken English skills both inside and outside the classroom, and for those who are seeking to gain more confidence when participating in international projects or for those working or planning to work in English-speaking environments.


28.7.-1.8. 2020 Course fee 420€/participant. From this link to pre-registration.

26.7.-30.7. 2021 Course fee 420€/participant if final registration done before May 2021 (new Erasmus+ programme season course fee is confirmed later)

27.7.-31.7. 2022 Course fee 420€/participant if final registration done before May 2021 (new Erasmus+ programme season course fee is confirmed later)

Maximum amount of participants: 20 person/session.

Course place: Joensuu, Finland

The aim of the course is to equip the participants with communication skills suitable for educational and social contexts. In addition, those participating in the training will aim at perfecting their English pronunciation with various pronunciation exercises. What is more, listening is a vital part of communication skills and improving the participants' listening comprehension will be part of the objectives of the course.

NEXT DEADLINE FOR ERASMUS+ KA1 APPLICATIONS FOR SCHOOLS is 5th February 5th 2020, 12:00 CET. Read more from here!

COURSE PLACE: Joensuun yhteiskoulu upper secondary school, address: Papinkatu 3, Joensuu, Finland.

ACCOMODATION SUGGESTION JULY 2020: Accomodation rate in July 2020 in our cooperation hotel, Sokos hotel Kimmel Joensuu is: Economy room rates: Single economy 72€/night/room, Double economy room 82€/night/room. Standard room rates: single room 90€/room/night, double room 100€/room/night.

Room reservations and payments from portal . Use reservation code EDUKARJALA20 for July 2020. Standard room is little bit bigger than economy room.

All room rates include big buffet breakfast, free wifi and sauna with swimming pool. Kimmel hotel locates opposite to main railway and bus stations in Joensuu and also busses to Joensuu airport has a bus stop next to it.

You will pay accomodation to Sokos hotel system, not to eduKarjala. We help you every way :-).

Of course you are free to choose other kind of accomodation (hostels, other hotels or airbnb) if you want. Near course place you can find example ISLO hostel, rooms are with small kitchen. Also hotel Green star is popular,

COURSE FEE: 420 €/participant.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Teachers, principals and head teachers of all levels, people working or planning to work in international projects or multinational businesses.

MAXIMUM amount of participants is 20 person. We take in twenty quickest final registrated person. Pre-registration form is informal for us and it shows your interest for this course. If course is very popular there can be more similar sessions in same time.

Entry level: CEFR A2-B1(B2). (You have studied some English before you arrive to this course.)

Contact hours: 36 hours

Course schedule:

1st day: Getting to know one another and introducing/planning the contents of the course/week. Some basic communication, pronunciation and listening exercises.

2nd day: Listening comprehension exercises, pronunciation practice (individual sounds) and spoken English exercises.

3rd day: Practising pronunciation in more depth: word stress, sentence stress, intonation. Communication skills theory and practice.

4th day: Putting spoken English skills into practice outside the classroom: Trip to the countryside and Koli National Park. Learning more about Finnish nature, culture, traditions and their relevance in everyday life and education in Finland. The day continues with traditional Finnish activities in the evening: sauna, music and barbecue.

5th day: Further communication skills theory and practice. Perfecting pronunciation. Advanced spoken exercises: debates, speeches etc. Certificates

N.B.! The course may also include grammar activities, depending on the wishes and needs of the participants.