Are you ready for new and wonderful experience? Are you motivated to learn something new?

We give Erasmus+ KA1 training courses for teachers, school heads and experts!

Pre-registration and final registration open now: Finland/Spain 2016-2019!!! TIME TO PLAN AN APPLICATION FOR 2017 ROUND IS NOW! GOOD APPLICATION TAKES TIME!


eduKarjala is a private training company from Finland, working closely with schools and Finnish academic world. Our staff members are working as professional education experts and as teachers in public education sector. Our slogan, "Smile with us :-)" tells that we want to see happy teachers/customers. High quality has a big meaning for us!


Owner of the company, Mr Esa Räty, works as principal in public school and he has a long experience about organizing international training courses from year 2003.

Every year we train teachers and principals from public and private schools, mainly from Europe. Courses are planned to be useful for all teachers from every level. You find all our training courses from course calender.

Pre-registration to our courses is free, you pay nothing! You have to pay only if you get a grant and you are really coming. Our courses are planned mainly for European union Erasmus+ KA1 programme.

We give you Europass document and course certificate and we also help you with accomodation and with your journey. Normally our courses last five days, some last six. You pay course fee only after you know you get the grant and you have made the FINAL registration.

You are also welcome as a private participant. Project is not needed if you have other financial sources.

When you know that you can really come, fill the FINAL REGISTRATION. Do it only when you really have a grant to finance your trip.

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